Fresno Mural

We use creative thinking to create a quality sense of place. We support the role of the arts within a vibrant community and embrace innovation, creativity and action to help transform Fresno into a place where we are proud to live, work and play.

How & Why We Started

In January 2004 a small group of young professionals got together to drive the popular Creative Cities Movement in Fresno. From that small initial group, Creative Fresno has moved on to become a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization with a bold, progressive board of directors who pride themselves on being creative problem solvers.

Our Beliefs

We need to implement the recommendations of the CEC report, because we have the ability to engage in multiple areas: arts, civics and business.

We need to serve and create connectedness with creative professionals and knowledge workers to retain them in our community, because the more “smarties”, the more economic vibrancy.

In educating our community to create an awareness of issues which need to be overcome and areas of pride, because it will change mindsets which will result in social change.

In our ability to collaborate because it will lead to higher quality outcomes.

Fresno can be the place we want it to be (vibrant, edgy, cool, fun), because it will make Fresno a home and help attract and retain creative professionals.

Things can change, because we will raise and broaden Fresno’s expectations of its community.

Jonathon Hogan

Board Chair

Andy Hansen-Smith

Vice President

David Holland


Georgine Sullivan

Mural Committee Chair

Lindsay Fox

Board Member

Barbara Coy-Hogan


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Creativity has come to be valued—and systems have evolved to encourage and harness it—because new technologies, new industries, new wealth and all other good economic things flow from it. –Richard Florida, The Creative Class